Sunday, June 5, 2011

Akea Whole Foods Supplement

A New Day

I've been taking this great whole food supplement product (it's a powder you mix with water or juice) twice per day now for about 3 weeks. I am so pleased and amazed at how much energy I have now! It has really made a positive difference in my health.

Since I've been taking this pleasant tasting powder I've noticed the following positive changes:

more physical energy
increased mental clarity
better sleep
less carbohydrate cravings & more desire to eat healthier foods
softer, more youthful skin all over, including my face
my blood pressure is normalizing more each day

Each week that I take this supplement, called Akea Essentials, I find new things to be happy about! I am very impressed with its performance, and I usually am not impressed by similar products.

I enrolled as a member/consultant so that I could get the best product prices and bonuses etc. and I now have a website where you can check it out and/or buy it for yourself. Please take a look.

Send me a message on the Contact page of my Akea website or leave me a comment here on my NobleTouch Naturals Blog if you have a question about the Essentials whole foods supplement, the Akea company, or the business opportunity that is available. I will do my best to provide an answer.

Good health to you! And thanks for taking a look at my new website.

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