Tuesday, October 13, 2009

New Natural Soap for Sale

New Natural Soap Line

Well, in my last post I talked about a new soap scent from my long time soap supplier and I promised to tell you more about it instead of just teasing you. Well, I still will do a post about that new soap scent, but first I must post about the new natural soap line that I now have available for sale.

A couple of months ago when I was just browsing (sniffing) through the various soaps at a big natural foods grocery store in a nearby city, I discovered a line of soaps that I really liked. The scents all seemed very natural and true. The bars were attractively wrapped. The colors were soft and natural.

I purchased a couple of bars to try at home: Rose Geranium, a scent that is both floral and mystically sensual, and Sandalwood, a scent that I normally am not drawn to, but one that many of my soap customers ask for.

Well, I tried the Sandalwood bar in my shower first. I loved it! It smelled great, nice and spicy without overwhelming me with scent. The color was warm and pleasing to my eye. The lather was abundant. I was sold. It was a good natural soap.

I decided to share this nice soap with my customers by offering it for sale along with my existing soap lines. So I arranged for my first wholesale purchase from this new company and started test marketing them.

The photo above shows 4 of the new soap scents. They are all natural scents and colors. They are made by a small family run company in San Francisco called River Soap Company. Their wholesale customer service folks are very helpful and friendly. My regular soap customers have liked the bars they have tried so far. They have praised their scent and their lather. I hope to get some more variety of scents in stock for the upcoming holiday season. I'll have to see how well these sell first. So far, so good.

NobleTouch Naturals offers these new River Soaps at $5.00 per long lasting 4.5 ounce bar. They are available here locally and also by mail order.

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Hardware Bob said...

Very pleasing soap, my first choice was Lime, though the Woodland name had a manly flair.

It lathers well, the citrus scent is fabulous, and the bar seems to last and last.

A great addition to the present line of natural products.

natural soap said...

I love all natural soaps. I will need to try out the Lime one that Bob mentions.

Anonymous said...

I love that natural soap bars have a niche. I will definitely be stopping by the hardware store the next time I'm in NF.